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Very computer literate indeed.

Taking a quick break from what I was doing I decided to have a look at Reddit to see if there was anything new and interesting to read. Currently occupying the 2nd and 3rd positions on the Reddit front page are two different links to 2 different accounts of the City Manager of Tuttle, Oklahoma and his threats of reporting CentOS to the FBI for hacking.

Link #2 goes to the Register’s story on the whole incident (thats where i got the link to Mr Taylor)
Link #3 goes to the account as posted (including full emails) on the CentOS Site

I won’t go into detail, as there is too much to fully duplicate here. But to sumarise, if with “22 years in computer systems engineering and operation” you can’t comprehend plain language telling you that it is a problem with your webserver and you need to contact the Administrator or that server, then you’ve really got some problems. If instead you retaliate with what amounts to “stop hacking us or I’ll call the FBI” you make yourself look ignorant, incompetant and exceptionally stupid all at the same time.

I had to share as I found it too damn funny reading it.

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Let’s all sue google.

I get the Australian IT ‘ping’ email and I have to comment on a story in today’s issue. Apparently KinderStart are suing Google for “downgrading its search-result ranking without reason or warning”. Now I’m not very up to date with this whole search engine thing, but I’m pretty confident that you actually have to have content on your site to get ranked.

I mean seriously, correct me if I’m wrong, but having a shitpile of links to other sites that you frame with your own header does not really consititute an information rich site. If anything that looks more like an attempted set of doorway pages to me, and we all know that this is frowned upon. Don’t we?

Obviously the smart people at don’t understand this. Obviously Google is exacting some form of baseless punishment on the wonderful site and they should be brought to justice for this heinous crime. The answer is obvious to anyone in the Litigious States of America, sue them!
Just a hint here folks, if you want good search rankings it pays to have good content.

For anyone that is interested, the Australian IT story can be found here.

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Why Schools Don’t Educate

I’ve just read an interesting article on schooling that I came across on by John Taylor Gatto. Obviously with Kira continually getting closer to school age (a couple of years yet thankfully) we are already thinking about schools and schooling. We’ve made a few decisions already that I believe we are both happy with.

If I were wavering at all on any of those decisions the article I’ve just read would have made my mind up for me. I can honestly say that in the last few years I’ve seen evidence of the points John makes in my generation and in post-school people that are younger than I am. It was this evidence that led us to the decisions that we have made.

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Compiling PHP –with-cyrus

I’ve been struggling with a compilation error for a few days trying to compile PHP on a new server. The error I had been getting was ” undefined reference to `assertionfailed’” and I had not had much luck tracking down an answer.

Until just now. I found this post on a mailing list that said PHP hasn’t upgraded their module for the 2.2 libcyrus. The message was from back in May 2003, but it was in a thread regarding a similar problem to mine. I figured I’d give it a go as there wasn’t really anything to lose if it didnt work. And just because I was compiling PHP linked to an older version of Cyrus-IMAP didnt mean that I couldn’t use the updated version for the IMAP server.

I downloaded cyrus-imap-2.1.18 and installed it to a different location to where I have my main Cyrus-IMAP install. Then adjusted my PHP configure line to point to that version. Reran configure for php with my options and then compiled it. It all compiled and installed cleanly.

I still find it a little annoying that to compile a PHP release that is only 1 month old with IMAP support I need to revert to a version of Cyrus-IMAP that is over a year old. There have been 9 releases ahead of the one that I needed to use. I mean come on guys, how long is it going to take before PHP is upgraded to a newer version of Cyrus-IMAP??